Global Bird Weekend, 17th to 18th October 2020

Make a day of it and record as many bird species as you can in the NENBC area!

The goal of Global Bird Weekend is to make it the biggest ever birding weekend world-wide and support BirdLife International’s appeal to end illegal bird trade. It involves a ‘see how many species you can record in a day’ event on the 17th and a sharing of birding images on social media on the 18th. We will be making a contribution to the chosen conservation appeal as a club.

Saturday 17th is October Big Day. Led by The Cornell Lab in the USA, the October Big Day runs from midnight to midnight in any local time zone and the object is to record as many species of bird as possible across the world on that day. During the event in 2019, more than 20,000 participants submitted 42,700 checklists with 6,709 species reported (with 205 species from the UK). We are challenging NENBC members to upload as many records as they can on the day to our website and we will put an NENBC Team species submission on to e-bird so that our records can be included in the world-wide totals. In addition, we will be contributing 10p for every record uploaded to our website to this year’s conservation appeal, to end illegal bird trade. So please see what you can do on the day in your gardens or out and about on your own, in households and associated bubbles or small teams of up to six to meet with local COVID-19 guidelines at the time. Every record counts so whether you can do 10 minutes or all day, you would be contributing to a better understanding of global bird populations.

PLEASE RESPECT AND ABIDE BY THE RESTRICTIONS WE ARE PUTTING IN PLACE to make this event as safe as possible and within the legal requirements.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, you are only able to meet up in groups of 6 people so if you are undertaking the October Big Day in a team, six is the max and social distancing will need to be observed with those outside of your household/bubble. If you happen to chance upon another group on the day, please keep your distance. If you have COVID symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has, please do not form a team, follow the Government guidelines on self-isolating and join in from home if you can. If you are out and about, why not try to do it all on foot or cycle? If you are using a vehicle, please note that car sharing should only be within Government guidelines. We are advising not to share optics with anyone outside of your household/bubble and we recommend having hand sanitizer and a face mask with you should you wish to make use of the café or loos or in the event of an emergency.