This month's Zoom Talk is from Simon Gillings with "Nocturnal migration: things that go tseep in the night"

Every spring and autumn, millions of birds migrate over us whilst we sleep. Recent years have seen considerable interest in using audio recorders to capture the flight calls of these migrants, either to boost garden lists or as part of more structured monitoring. Simon will introduce nocturnal migration, discuss how recordings can be taken and illustrate some of what he has learned about this topic. Expect to have your eyes, ears and minds opened to what could be skimming your rooftop whilst you slumber.

Simon is a keen birder and recent convert to sound recording. This project combines his passion for birds and migration with his day job at BTO, making sense of big data and citizen science.

As we are currently unable to run our planned talks programme for 2020/21 with us all together in a local hall, we will instead be hosting a series of Virtual Talks on our usual Indoor Event evenings on the last Thursday of most months for the foreseeable future. You can watch on Zoom from the comfort of your own homes on your computer / laptop / tablet / phone etc and we will get an invite and some simple instructions on how to join in out to you before the events.