This year we are on Zoom for our AGM and Christmas Social / Quiz

We will start with our usual Review of the Year with Chair Trevor Williams and the other AGM business, including some items on which we will be asking you to vote electronically on the night – don’t panic, it’s easy!

Once we have that out of the way, we have our Birdy Quiz from Andy Clarke and John Hurst, last year’s winning team, with Andy hosting. It will be in a similar format to the Zoom talks we have been having as the questions will be up on the screen in a presentation as well as being read out. Andy and John have promised there will be a range of questions to suit all levels of birding ability and we have attached a score sheet if you want to print it out to help you keep track of your scores, or you can simply use a sheet of paper. There are even some clues on the score card as to what the rounds will be if you feel the need to prep!

Due to the constraints of our ability to use the technology, within Zoom we are going to have to have ‘teams’ consisting of who you are with on the night in your household and we appreciate this may mean that some of you will be a team of one individual so we have a non-Zoom option ..... if you want to connect up with another individual / individuals to form a team you could liaise with them in advance and video call between you on your mobiles during the quiz part of the evening whilst watching the Zoom quiz so you can discuss your answers (WhatsApp, Messenger etc). If you’ve not got a mobile that does video calls, just use the good old-fashioned phone. Not ideal but it will work!

There will be quiz prizes available, a chance to win a raffle prize, party hats are very much encouraged and we hope you will provide your own festive fare for the event so we can raise a glass to a better new year.
Look forward to seeing you.

To get the Zoom link for the event, please contact Carol on