This will be the fifth Coordinated Seawatch organised by the NENBC, and the fourth held in October. All the previous events have been well supported and most importantly enjoyed by all the participants, so do please come along to whichever venue you fancy. Facilities vary at each location, so a list of the equipment you might need is shown below. We’d really like to see as many of you as possible so here’s a quick reminder about the plan for the day and the reasons for doing a coordinated seawatch around the coast of the NENBC recording area. The objects of this survey are: 1. To introduce NENBC members to the joys of seawatching. 2. To help NENBC members improve their skill at identifying birds in flight at sea. 3. To map the likely route of wildfowl, seabirds and waders as they fly around the coast. 4. To estimate the speed of flight of some of the species recorded. 5. To assess the effect of weather conditions and tide on the rate and timing of passage. Locations and leads are listed below. There is no need to book but if you want to let the leads know to expect you, please drop them a note. To get the most out of the event, we’d advise coming along for the whole 3 hours but ‘part timers’ will always be welcome at any point! You may want to bring the following with you: • A folding chair each, rather than standing for 3+ hours! • If you have a telescope and tripod do bring them along, as well as your bins. • A flask of hot drink and a snack may be a good idea. • Waterproof and warm clothing if the weather looks inclement. • Maybe an ID book. We will be recording the number and species of all the birds we see and the direction they are flying for each 10 minute period throughout the 3 hour time frame. DETAILS OF THE SITES WILL BE POSTED NEARER THE TIME